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Product service characteristics
Our company specializes in optimizing the international logistics of many chemical products, food, powder/liquid, general chemical/dangerous chemical products, our company has the corresponding product export professional advice.
Cherubim SCM provides IBC provides IBC drum packaging/liquid bag packaging /ISO TANK sales and leasing agent for liquid chemical/additive products, field supervision, liquid bag supply and paving, container reinforcement, container heat insulation film paving, shipping mark label attached and other on-site packing services. The import and export logistics of red wine/fruit juice drinks can support the freight rate for 48 hours from door to door.

General goods supervision
Trading company's good assistant, vehicles into the factory, inspection, paving, shipping mark inspection, net weight inspection, every link meticulous. Let you focus on foreign customers sitting at home, the first time to get the information you want, remote command, packing worriedly.

Supervision of dangerous chemical products
The company assigns qualified dangerous goods supervisors to the factory to supervise the loading and upload VGS declaration photos to solve the difficulty of dangerous goods packing.

Technical support
We are well aware that the shipped product is the main actor in the whole logistics process and we must be familiar with it.
In order to strengthen the familiarity with the product, to better maintain a high degree of cooperation with customers.
We especially cooperate with Professor Li from Lanzhou University, China, who is famous in the field of industrial chemical /raw materials, to make a reasonable analysis of the product ingredients. Combined with the latest regulations of the country on the exported products, we design the packaging of the exported products and reasonable logistics planning. Try to make sure everything is safe.