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What are the main characteristics of international logistics companies?
2023-05-11    1479

International logistics company is an international logistics service based freight forwarding company, international logistics company is indispensable in international trade, is an important part of international trade, now Xiaobian take you to understand the international logistics company.

International logistics company mainly engaged in:

1. The business scope of international logistics company includes international air transportation, international customs, customs declaration, trade agency, warehousing and other related services. International logistics companies as an important link in international trade, freight industry is an essential part of the circulation of goods, they sign agency agreements with airlines, shipping companies, in control of their own shipping space and loading rights.

2. The main service object of international logistics company is composed of commercial enterprises, manufacturers, individuals and so on. The main work content is composed of handling, booking, customs clearance, warehousing, domestic logistics, packaging and so on. Transportation mode is the transportation form formed by the transportation enterprise using different means of transportation, equipment and lines through different organization and management. Before the power machinery, the mode of transportation to people, livestock, wind, water, such as carrying, carrying, pulling, pushing mainly. After the use of the EMU, the mode of transportation was modernized.

3. Modern means of transportation include ropeway transportation, conveyor belt transportation, etc. As technology advances, new means of transportation will appear. The transportation industry is the material basis of the national economy virtuous circle, and the reasonable development of the transportation mode is very important to the rapid development of the national economy. In accordance with the technical and economic characteristics, resources, geographical characteristics, production levels, overall national economic plans and regional plans, various modes of transport shall be developed comprehensively in a planned and targeted way.

4, compared with the previous optimization of risk tolerance and multi-functional international logistics, various modes of transport to strengthen the information system requirements and standardization requirements. International logistics companies follow the changes of The Times, from the original simple connection of a single function, gradually to advocate the integration of supply chain comprehensive service function transformation, international logistics companies will meet the needs of the majority of users with good business reputation.