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International Freight Forwarding Company explains the types of international freight transportation
2023-05-11    1461

International freight refers to from a country in one or more modes of transport to another country, are accompanied by international trade is generally international freight, but the general international logistics also includes express delivery, international freight does not include international express.

1. International shipping

Maritime transport is the main water transport, it also includes inland river transport, canal transport, lake transport and so on. Marine transport is divided into container transport, bulk and general cargo transport, ro-ro transport, oil tanker transport and so on. Marine transport containers are divided into full container, LCL and so on. The biggest advantage of Marine transportation is large volume, low freight! Its main disadvantage is long transportation cycle and high risk. Sea transport is the main mode of transport in international trade, about 85% of the global trade volume is completed by sea transport.

2. International air transport

International freight forwarding companies consider international air transport to be a mode of international cargo transport using the belly of passenger airliners, as well as air transport vehicles such as all-cargo aircraft. Compared with sea transportation, air freight has a smaller volume, but high frequency, fast speed and strong flexibility. It is suitable for the "special" transportation of high value, especially urgent, fresh and perishable, diplomatic parcel, international air express and so on.

3. Road traffic

Road transport mainly refers to automobile transport, which is the most important mode of land transport. It also includes railway transport, cable car transport, ropeway transport and other land transport (such as livestock transport). Road (automobile) transport is divided into vehicle and sub-carload transport. Vehicle transportation includes vehicle special and non - special two ways. Such as Changsha Ningbo special line, Zhengzhou Qingdao special line, etc.

At present, Chinese highway transportation enterprises have problems such as small scale, low information degree, low vehicle utilization rate, waste of transport capacity resources, low proportion of stow back, serious violation of overload, low competitive efficiency and so on. When the total weight or volume of a batch of goods is not enough for a truck, it can be shipped in a truck with several other batches, or even dozens of batches, which is called zero-load transportation, also known as zero-load logistics. There are sub-carload special line transport and non - special line transport. Such as Nanchang - Guangzhou special line, Ordos - Tianjin special line.

4. Railway transportation

International railway transport refers to the use of railways to undertake the import and export of goods or goods transport, which is one of the main land transport modes. Domestic railway transport mainly refers to the international railway transport through the Siberian Land Bridge, Eurasian Land Bridge, New Eurasian Land Bridge, etc., which has the advantages of fast transport speed, strong transport capacity, low cost, on-time and almost unaffected by the weather and environment.

5. Pipeline transportation

Pipeline transportation is the use of pipelines as a means of transportation, mainly used to transport liquids or gases, such as oil or natural gas. There are mainly pipelines transporting natural gas from west to east, transporting oil from west to east, and other major oil and gas production places to processing places and consumption places.

6. Various forms of transportation

International multimodal transport refers to the transport of goods from the point of pick-up in the country of origin to the point of delivery named in the country of destination by the multimodal transport operator who arranges two or more modes of transport under a multimodal transport contract. Such as sea-land transport, sea-rail transport, sea-air transport, air-land transport, sea-rail-land transport.