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What is international shipping? What are the characteristics of international shipping?
2023-05-11    1471

International shipping is the most important mode of transportation in international logistics, which has brought great changes to the world. Now Xiaobian will take you to understand international shipping.

International shipping has the following characteristics:

1. International shipping takes advantage of natural waterways and is not restricted by roads and tracks, so it has the ability to pass. In the constantly changing political, economic and trade environment, changes in natural conditions allow transportation tasks to adjust and change routes at any time. The maritime industry is usually an international trade, and its production process involves individuals and organizations in different countries and regions. The maritime industry is also subject to international law and international management, as well as the political and legal constraints and influences of each country.

2. International sea lanes are formed naturally, and port facilities are generally constructed by the government. Enterprises operating sea lanes can save a lot of investment in infrastructure. Due to the ship's heavy load, long service time, long transportation mileage and low unit transportation cost, it provides favorable conditions for the low-value transportation of bulk goods. With the development of international shipping industry, modern shipbuilding technology is becoming more and more exquisite, and the ship scale is becoming larger and larger.

3. Of all the means of transport, sea transport is the slowest. Because maritime transport is on the sea, subject to the impact of natural conditions such as typhoons, a transport ship can be towed to the bottom of the sea, the risk is greater, in addition, the invasion of pirates, the risk is not small. Sea transport is only one link in the whole process, and the ports at both ends must rely on other modes of transport. Sea transportation also has obvious defects: for example, sea transportation is easily affected by natural conditions and climate, the sailing time is not easy to be accurate, and the probability of distress is large.